Traveling in Style

A few months ago, I ruled I was overdue for a proper trip. The last-place age I had been away for any portion of time was five years ago.

After my first year of university, my parents liberally patronized me to go on a European expedition. I visited eight countries in fourteen eras, and sleep in youth hostels the entire season. The only luggage I brought with me was my trusty backpack. Following the relevant recommendations of some more seasoned travelers, I sewed a Canadian pennant on my backpack. Everyone adoration Canadians, eh!

This trip was to be somewhat different. I have decided to go back to Europe, but this time I will be traveling in style. I am planning to take a first-class flight to London, and I am in dire need of some first-class luggage. Luggage is such a difficult circumstance to shop for.

It is one of those thoughts that will not be used often enough to justify an enormous expenditure, but to the acquisition, cheap luggage would be an ended waste of time and fund. I decided to get together with my best friend I will be going away with, for an afternoon of good old American shopping.

We depleted the afternoon going from department store to big-box storage to specialty supermarket and back again. I finally narrowed my preferences down to three possible specifies of luggage; American Tourists, Briggs& Riley, and Zero Halliburton. They each have specific appealing characteristics, and “they’re all” reasonably priced.

I read somewhere that American Tourists luggage has one of the best warranties in the industry. Briggs& Riley have been manufacturing quality products since 1993, and they likewise give a substantial guaranty. Zero Halliburton is, well, Zero Halliburton.

Once I thought about it for a little while, I realized that the Zero Halliburton case was the right one for me. I’ll be acknowledged that I am in love with this luggage. If James Bond were hauling a suitcase fitted with priceless pearls, he would use a Zero Halliburton. I ended up acquiring a 26 -inch Suiter for the somewhat bloated rate of $900.00.

It is constructed from a wonderful touched aluminum that looks like it would withstand a blowup, much less the luggage handlers at Heathrow. I will be making my prized collecting of designer purses with me, so I can rest easy that they will be well protected in my impressive brand-new case. Do you think I should position a Canadian flag on it?

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